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Cigarette Smoke Removal Services

We professionally remove the odor of cigarette smoke for commercial and residential properties so you can breathe happily once again!

Hire Steamatic’s Trusted Cigarette Smoke Removal Experts

Maybe you just bought a property from a smoker, had a previous tenant break the rules, or simply want an odorless room — we can get rid of that smell.

Initial Cigarette Smell Inspection & Scope

We will inspect the room(s) or area(s) that you would like us to freshen up. This will allow us to quote more accurately.

Superior Equipment & Experience

We use only the highest quality equipment to treat and remove odor.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are based in the Twin Cities and therefore can ensure quality service for all customers.

How Does Cigarette Smoke Removal Work?

1) Determine the affected areas

The first step in resolving a problem is to identify the affected areas that were smoked in. Of course, the areas smoked the most in will have the strongest scent. It is necessary to find where tiny smoke particles traveled from the surfaces in the structure to where they have embedded into the porous materials – carpeting, furniture, fabrics, books and even paint. A knowledgeable professional can use their experience and tools like chemical sponges to identify these targets.

2) Clean both Structure and Contents

Curtains, area rugs, furniture covers, decorative cushions, duvets, blankets and any other fabric materials absorb the cigarette smoke smell and will need to be washed or dry cleaned.

Wash all windows, window screens, window shades, walls and ceilings, doors and doorframes, baseboards, cabinets (both inside and out), shelves, furniture pieces, uncarpeted floors and any other surfaces where cigarette smoke particles might have settled. This extends to light fixtures and light switches as well.

Smoke particles get embedded deep into the upholstery and carpet fibers, which makes cigarette smoke odor very difficult to remove.  Steam cleaning is an effective method to clean these substrates. Special attention is paid when handling delicate materials, such as leather upholstery or silk carpets, as they can be easily damaged during the cleaning process.

3) Clean the HVAC System

Cigarette smoke can permeate ductwork and linger in the ventilation system, compromising the air quality in the home. The air filters should be replaced and the HVAC system inspected to determine if cleaning is needed.

4) Odor Technologies

Advanced technologies (such as air scrubbers, ozone generators, hydroxyl technology, and CLO2 etc.) are required to minimize and often completely remove cigarette smoke odor.  They will use safe and efficient odor removal techniques and appropriate cleaning products to achieve the best possible results. CLO2 in both liquid and gas form has proven to be an extremely effective method to remove smoke / organic smells from even the toughest of environments

5) Repaint Walls

If it is the paint that retains the cigarette smoke odor, you’ll have to repaint the walls in order to remove the smell.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“The team was professional and responsive. They came each day to check on the situation until it was complete. We are so happy we called Steamatic – they remedied a situation that would’ve gotten much worse had the help not been done so quickly and so well.”

“Steamatic was quick to respond to our emergency. They were thorough and helped us to understand their process. We believe they played a very vital role in the restoration of our home.”

“They were outstanding. The phone contact was outstanding and even gave suggestions on how I could prevent the problem. The boys that came were wonderful & worked every single minute while still having fun on the job. They really seemed to enjoy what they were doing.”

Freshen up your property. Get rid of that odor – hire Steamatic today!
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